Saturday, March 30, 2013

Granite Step Installations

Granite is one of those items you only have to buy once. The material is extremely durable and will last for ever. Nothing seems to bother it. The cost may be higher than some materials, but in the long run it is usually cheaper, there is very little if any maintenance needed on granite, compared to masonry stairs where you have mortar joints that need to be re-pointed every 15-20 years. Granite will give you a lifetime of worry free enjoyment. The cost is well worth it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Angie's List. Free for New Hampshire Residents

For a limited time, New Hampshire residents can sign up for Angie's list free of charge. This is a great way to get an honest unbiased opinion of the contractor you are thinking of hiring. Please check out our reviews at Angie's list  Natures Elite Landscaping.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Computerized Landscape Design in New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Ever wonder what your house would look like with new shrubs, walls or walkways. Natures Elite Landscaping has the ability to show you what your property will look like with all of that. We come out to your property and take some pictures and we add the things that we have discussed and the image can be emailed for review. If you think the shrubs are to small we can show you what they will look like when they mature, or if you do not want to wait, we can show you what the full size plants will look like instantly. Call for a free onsite design consultation. We can be reached at 603-630-7476 or by email at

Large Trees Planted In New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Want instant privacy, trying to block out a view or just looking for enclosure. Natures Elite Landscaping serving all of New Hampshire's Lakes Region has large trees available for delivery and installation, feel free to contact us at 603-630-7476 or email for a free onsite consultation

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perfect Plant Replacement for Yews in New Hampshire

Love the look of Taxus/ Yews, but can't stand what the deer do to them every year. Well this plant is a great substitute and most people will not even notice the difference. Cephalaotaxus harringtonia is a plant that deer will not touch, this plant does well in the New Hampshire Lakes Region and should be on your plant list.

Want the look of Natural Stone for Less!

Belgard Pavers and Natures Elite landscaping can give you the look of Natural Stone without the high price tag. Belgard Lafitt Patio Slab has that look at a price you will like. Contact your Local Belgard Authorized installer from Natures Elite Landscaping, we can by reached at 603-630-7476 or by email at

Going Green With Allan Block and Natures Elite Landscaping

Everyone wants to do their part in helping the environment, Allan Block has come out with a new Allan Block Fieldstone collection, that is using recycled materials, this wall system is a 2 part block the back part of the wall that is buried in stone is the part that uses the recycled materials, these blocks are also manufactured locally reducing fuel consumption for deliveries. Help do you part to go green with Allan Block and Natures Elite Landscaping Gilford NH

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retaining Walls Gilford New Hampshire

Natures Elite is a Certified Wall installation company serving all of New Hampshire's Lakes Regions. For a free onsite consultation and design review, please contact us at 603-630-7476 or email The owner of the company Steve Mitchell Just recently passed the Allan Block Wall installers test with a score of 98%!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Belgard Outdoor Fireplaces In The New Hampshire Lakes Region

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming very popular, with people creating additional outdoor living spaces, these extra areas are great for entertaining or just relaxing, Belgard outdoor living has options available for pizza ovens, sinks and just about whatever you could dream up can be incorporated into your outdoor living area. Feel free to call for a free onsite consultation with a Belgard Authorized installer. We can be reached at or you can call to set up a site visit at 603-630-7476

Fire Pits Installed in New Hampshire Lakes Region

Fire pits are one of those things every member of the family enjoys, from young to old, they light up the night, keep you warm and help keep the bugs away.These pre-manufactured units from Belgard pavers are a great addition to an existing patio, or if you have a safe area in your yard roughly 20-25 ft away from your house and away from low overhanging branches, they can be professionally installed in a couple of hours. It's a good idea to dig out the area you want the fire pi,t and install a base of processed gravel or crushed stone to keep your pit level and stable. These units also have screens available for windy times or for if you want to retire early. Always check with your local fire department and your insurance company before installing these units.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NH Lakes Region Landscapers Review On Angies List

Natures Elite Landscaping has just recently signed up for Angies List. This is an independent site where customers have the opportunity to rate how well the contractor did or didn't do on the work that they were hired to perform. Check out our reviews on Angies List.

NHLA Spring Conference

In this industry it's very important to keep up to date on all new technology and trends. That's why its important to belong to the local and national landscape organizations. The more we support them, the more they are able to support us with all of the new things in the Green Industry. I just returned from the New Hampshire Landscape Associations Spring Conference, Great seminar and speakers. Thanks to all who put this show on!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Landscape Professionals Serving New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Your landscaping is a big investment and should be treated as one. You want to make sure your trees and shrubs live a long healthy life. That's why you need to hire professional landscape company's to maintain your investment, company's that have taken the time to become certified and have done all of the training programs to keep up with the latest pruning and mulching techniques. The company you should consider is Natures Elite Landscaping, serving all of New Hampshire's lakes Regions.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Hampshire lakes Region Condominium Landscaping Specialists!

Tired of not getting the service your paying for or worse getting the service and having it done by people who are less than professional. Then if you live in and around the New Hampshire lakes Region you owe it to yourself to call the Condominium Specialists at Natures Elite landscaping. We are New Hampshire Certified landscape professionals that take pride in our work, we have the plant and landscape knowledge to assure that your investment is well taken care of, all work is done on time in a Prompt, Professional manner by trained professionals. Feel free to call for a complimentary onsite consultation. You can reach us by email at or by phone at 603-630-7476  feel free to check out our testimonials at

Concrete Paver Sealing And Cleaning

Sealing your pavers is a great way to prolong the looks and the life of your pavers, not to mention the benefits you get when the job is done. Pavers that are done with products like a wet look sealer will be a big improvement over regular pavers, these sealers really bring out all of the textures in the pavers and show off your investment. Feel free to call Natures Elite landscaping at 603-630-7476 or email for a free consultation. We are Techniseal  Certified Applicators.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Signs of Spring in New Hampshire

The first signs of Spring in New Hampshire have arrived.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Hampshire Lakes Region Landscape Contractors

If you live in or around the New Hampshire lakes Region, the company to call for all of your landscaping needs is Natures Elite landscaping, serving all of New Hampshire's lakes Regions. We offer design, installation and maintenance service, feel free to call for a complimentary onsite consultation. 603-630-7476 or email

Allan Block Certified Installers NH

Steve Mitchell the owner of Natures Elite landscaping, just recently took the Allan Block Certified Installers exam and passed with a score of 98%. So if you are considering installing and block walls in New Hampshire make sure you contact a Certified Professional. You can reach Steve at 603-63-7476 or by email

Pavers Installed with 100% Satisfaction Guaranty NH lakes Region

Tired of not getting the service and attention you deserve. We are Certified Landscape professionals that stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction Guaranty. Call us for a free no obligation consultation. Natures Elite landscaping 603-630-7476 or email