Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mulching Trees To Death

Not sure about you but it's Spring time here in the Northeast and cleanup and re-mulching of shrub beds is starting to take place. Not sure why people do it, but they just keep piling on that mulch like it was going out of style. When you put down 2-3 inches of mulch per year and never remove any, sooner or later you will have problems, these trees are slowly suffocating and will be subject to all sorts of insect and disease problems before they finally die. The proper way to mulch is to every 3rd or 4th year remove the majority of the old mulch, this older mulch is a perfect base for newly created beds or for top dressing lightly beds that are not as noticible, also when creating new pathways this mulch works excellent as a base. Please consider the health of your trees when mulching more is not allways better, especially when it comes to mulching.

Monday, March 29, 2010

" Green Care For Troops"

Natures Elite landscaping is pleased to announce they are participating in the " Green Care For Troops" in the Gilford NH area. " Green Care For Troops" is a nationwide outreach program initiated by project Evergreen that connects participating local lawn and landscape firms with families of the men and women away from home serving our country in the armed forces.

In announcing the new program Steve Mitchell the owner of Natures Elite Landscaping said, lawn and landscape maintenance becomes a definite hardship when a family's major breadwinner is on active duty away from home. The "Green Care For Troops" seeks to ease the stress by helping affected families with the important task of caring for their yard and landscaping.

Families intersted in registering for the "Green Care For Troops" program should contact Natures Elite landscaping at (603) 630-7476 Participation is limited. To learn more, they may also access the Project Evergreen website at or call toll - free
(877) 758-4835

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Hampshire Certified Landscape Profesional

Steve Mitchell of Natures Elite Landscaping in Gilford NH is the newest NHLA member to become a Certified Landscape Professional. Steve Had to take and pass a rigorous 3 hr exam on all areas of the landscape industry. This included plant ID, and general knowledge of green industry standards and specifications. Steve has more than 25 years experience in the green industry in all phases of landscape construction and maintenance. Feel free to contact him at 603-630-7476 if he could help you with any of your properties.

Natures Elite Joins ALMA

Natures Elite Landscaping is pleased to announce that they have recently become members of the American Landscape Maintenance Association or Alma as it is known in the green industry. Organization's like ALMA are trying to take professionalism in this industry to a higher level. It's very important to join and support organization's like this, the way to separate your self from the fly by night guys is to learn as much as possible and to become certified in all areas of work that you do, becoming more professional and certified does not cost much and it will actually pay off, people want to deal with and hire the best as long as they are not way out of line with their prices. So consider joining your local landscape organization or your regional organization's, it can only help make all of us better!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Industry Professionals

Being a professional in this business requires a lot of extra work, there are many new techniques for pruning,planting and transplanting. One of the newest involves using an air spade to move large trees, this is a process where the majority of the soil from around a trees roots are removed. In the past when transplanting we were always very careful to get as much soil with the transplant as possible, but with all of this new technology, transplanting has become easier and more successful, especially with larger specimen plants. That's why it's very important in this industry to attend as many shows and seminars as you can to keep up with all of this, also becoming certified helps you to learn as much as you can about the green industry, becoming a NH Certified Landscape Professional is a great way to learn and become more professional. Also learning about all areas of the green industry such as lawn care and tree care will help you stand out in this industry, it seems like a lot of problems related to trees and shrubs are created by people who did not take the time to attend these seminars, plants planted at the wrong depth or over mulched or just planted in the wrong place.

Profesionalism in the Green Industry

Being profesional is more than just having fancy trucks, profesionals are the people who take the time to become educated on all phases of landscape construction and maintenance, not just learn as you go at your expense type of people.These profesionals have decided to make a career out of this, they spend their winters going to as many seminars as they can to keep up with all of the new technology and recent insect problems and infestations. They know about all of the newest techniques in transplanting, such as air spades and all of the newest pruning techniques. It's not easy being the best but when customers need to know it's nice to be able to give them a professional educated opinion. Certification is a great way to show off your expertise, weather you are a certified arborist or certified landscape profesional, these designations show that you have taken the time to become the best of the best